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Kemin Introduces Organic KEM GLO™


Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health has introduced a certified organic form of  KEM GLO™ as a feed additive to supply red pigment.  The active ingredient is derived from organic paprika peppers and is standardized to yielded one gram of xanthophyll activity per pound of  commercial product.


The active ingredient is standardized after manufacture to ensure potency.  The product contains stabilized paprika extract and dried kelp.  If used as a single additive, KEM GLO™ will produce an orange yolk. Suggested use is in combination with Kemin Organic ORO GLO® to attain a desired level of pigmentation ranging from deep yellow to orange. Both KEM GLO™ and    ORO GLO™ are stabilized but should be used within 60 days of opening the 44-pound bags.


For further information contact Roger Myers at 515-240-5559 or  Further information is available on the company website