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SE Outbreak in NSW, Australia


Health authorities in New South Wales have identified a specific source of eggs potentially contaminated with Salmonella Enteritidis (SE). In January 2019, over 400 cases of SE were diagnosed, mostly in the Sydney metro area.

Following a 2018 outbreak of SE and then a subsequent episode in September 2018, New South Wales authorities required individual stamping of eggs to assist trace-back to a source of infection.

It is evident that Australian and specifically New South Wales producers should adopt the same programs as introduced in the EU and the U.S. to eliminate SE from supply flock. Programs should include elimination of SE from the production chain resulting in pullet chicks free of infection, vaccination, biosecurity, and rigorous monitoring of flocks for SE status. Rigorous measures are required including a reevaluation of free-range housing that is gaining popularity in Australia. The alternative will be reoccurrences of infection, consumer disaffection and decreased consumption.