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Amazon posts Q4 and FY 2018 Results


In a January 31st press release Inc. (AMZN) released financial results for the 4th Quarter and Fiscal 2018 ending December 31st 2018.

For the 4th Quarter the Company posted sales of $72.4 billion, 19.9 percent above the corresponding 4th Quarter of FY 2017. Net earnings amounted to $3.0 billion, 66 percent over Q4 FY 2017. EPS increased 61 percent to $6.04.

For FY 2018 sales increased 82 percent to $232.9 billion and earnings attained $10.7 billion, a 232 percent increase over FY 2017. EPS increased from $6.15 in FY 2017 to $20.14 in FY 2018.

Amazon Inc. posted assets of $162.6 on December 31st 2018 compared to $131.3 at the end of the previous year. Long-term debt and related liabilities increased by 10.9 percent to $50.7 billion.

On a trailing 12-month basis AMZN achieved operating and profit margins of 5.3 percent and 4.3 percent respectively. Return on assets attained 5.3 percent with a 28.3 percent return on investment.

AMZN has traded over the past 52 weeks from $1,265 to $2,050. After release of the report on Thursday 31st January, AMZN opened down 3.5 percent on Friday morning February 1st to $1,638. By14H00 on February 5th AMZN was higher at $1,657.

The Company issued guidance for Q1, FY 2019 projecting sales in the range of $56 billion to $60 billion, 10 percent to 18 percent above Q1 FY 2017, with an operating income range of $2.3 billion to $3.3 billion.