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vvND Diagnosed in Utah


The State Veterinarian of Utah has disclosed that an operation with 200 fighting cocks in Utah County was subject to a presumptive diagnosis of vvNewcastle Disease and was depleted while awaiting confirmation from the NVSL in Ames IA.


It is understood that the infection was introduced into Utah by transfer of birds from a county in southern California where the infection can be regarded as endemic in fighting cocks. This situation resulted in extension to three commercial farms during December 2018 and early January 2019. Given the mobility of these birds vvND can be expected to extend from Southern California to adjoining states and even further.


The implication for egg producers is to regard every employee as having been to a cock-fight the previous night and apply strict personal biosecurity measures. These should involve de-robing, showering and donning Company-provided inner and outer clothing in a purpose-designed biosecurity module.