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Moba Introduces Top-lidder Modules


Moba now offers two top-lidder modules to accommodate innovative pack presentations.


The Model TL10 is positioned between the tray stacker and tray palletizer.  Every stack of six trays passing the TL10 will place a tray on top of the stack.  The top tray protects eggs on the upper tray especially when fiber trays are used.  The TL10 operates at a rate of 27 top-trays per minute.  The TL10 facilitates the action of shrink wrapping and reducing manual handling. 


The Model TL20 is designed to process ‘tray packs’ comprising a large plastic consumer pack with a separate lid.  The bottom part of the pack is processed on a regular lane and the TL 20 top lidder is placed over the filled tray and locked into place.  The TL20 is capable of handling three types of tray packs holding from 20 to 30 eggs and will match the maximum throughput of an Omnia packing lane.