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India Reports AI Outbreak


HPAI has reported the most recent cases since the series of March outbreaks caused by H5N1 affecting backyard flocks.  In this outbreak, reported on December 13th flocks in three villages are affected and involve at least one farm of 20,000 hens in what has been described as the “Brahmagiri Block”. 


Diagnostic procedures are now progress at the National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal. Culling has commenced within a radius of one kilometer of the affected commercial farm and surveillance is in progress within a 10 km radius. 


Inappropriate termination of serving of eggs in schools has deprived children of nutrients. This does not seem to be a valid precaution since avian influenza is not vertically transmitted through eggs and in any event the school supply could be obtained from non-infected farms of which there are hopefully many.