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Depleted Delmarva Flock Confirmed Negative for AI


The December 26th edition of CHICK-NEWS reported on pre-emptive depletion of a contract flock near Powelville, MD in mid-December as a result of a suspicious but inconclusive assay for AI. Without waiting for confirmation the Integrator concerned elected to depopulate and dispose of the flock of 40,000 broilers housed in two adjacent houses.

Specimens were submitted for confirmatory assay to the USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratory. Results were negative for virus on PCR assay.  The intensive surveillance initiated in the area surrounding the farm failed to demonstrate any evidence of AI in flocks.

Maryland Secretary of Agriculture, Joe Bartenfelder commented “we are all relieved by the negative test result, and I am proud of the rapid and collaborative response to this event,” He added “this has demonstrated that our Department is prepared to work with Federal, State and Industry partners to protect the chicken industry, which is a vital part of the Delmarva economy.”

Again EGG-NEWS and CHICK-NEWS commends the Company concerned for an appropriate decision, albeit at their expense to avoid the risks and consequences of a potential case of AI based on a preliminary and inconclusive laboratory assay.