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Colistin to be Banned in Malaysia and India


According to press reports, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have recommended that administration of colistin to livestock and poultry should be should be banned. This action follows the findings of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism of London which documented widespread misuse of the drug.


Colistin is implicated in the emergence of the mcr-1 gene which imparts resistance to a number of antibiotics and is involved in emerging drug resistance first recorded in Asia and now prevalent in the E.U.  Colistin was banned in the E.U. in 2006 but is manufactured in Denmark, China and India.  Not only is colistin used in India for therapeutic applications but is injudiciously incorporated in feed as a growth promoter.  Investigation has shown that colistin has been shipped to Vietnam, India, South Korea and Russia.  In India, subsidiaries of multinational animal health companies are involved in distribution of colistin and other antibiotics of human health significance.


The Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based industry of Malaysia, has announced that colistin will be banned effective January 1, 2019 following similar action by China. This follows calls by the World Health Organization calling for an overall reduction in the use of antibiotics of human health significance.