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Food Safety Net Services Participates in Training Program for South Africa


Food Safety Net Services will host technical specialists and regulators from the Government of South Africa.  The program organized by the Norman E. Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture will review the U.S. food safety system including inspection, enforcement and recall.


During the site visit to the San Antonio laboratory, the South African visitors will be exposed to laboratory techniques and accreditation.


The need for the program is illustrated by the 2017-2018 outbreak of listeriosis responsible for over 1,000 cases.  The vehicle of infection was identified as processed sausage products (“polony”) widely consumed by the Nation’s lower economic demographic.  The outbreak demonstrated deficiencies relating to in-plant quality control and regulation by the state and central governments.


It is hoped that the visit will provide the South African officials with a perspective of U.S. quality control and the safety of food products.