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Perpetrator of Strawberry Adulteration in Australia Indicted


On September 27th EGG-NEWS reported on malicious adulteration of strawberries in Australia involving insertion of sewing needles into fruit.


Authorities in Queensland recently arrested My Ut Trinh who previously worked as a supervisor at a strawberry farm.  She was charged with seven counts of contaminating food items and faces 10 years in prison.


Of the 200 reports of contamination received by state police, 15 cases were hoaxes.  The Queensland Strawberry Growers Association was seriously impacted by the event, exacerbated by extensive reports in social media.  Three brands were affected resulting in recalls and financial hardship for growers.


The Federal government of Australia has assigned $750,000 to various projects to enhance food safety and to initiate fast-track recalls and to reestablish strawberry consumption.