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Egg Nutrition Center Emphasizes Importance of Lutein Intake


Dr. Elizabeth Johnson of Tufts University and Dr. Naiman Khan of the University of Illinois presented scientific data demonstrating the benefit of dietary lutein on brain and eye function at the 2018 Food and Nutrition Conference.


The Egg Nutrition Center operated a Macular Pigment Optical Density instrument at the Expo to measure the concentration of macular lutein in the eyes of attendees.  It is considered significant that approximately 15 percent of those screened among a population of registered dieticians showed suboptimal levels of lutein.


Lutein is present in the yolk of eggs and nutritional value can be enhanced supplementing diets with natural pigments extracted from marigold petals which supply xanthophylls and lutein.


There is no U.S. RDA for lutein which is considered a critical nutrient. Dietary supplementation is recommended to prevent macular degeneration.