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FortiShell® Increases Shell Breaking-Strength


A study conducted at Virginia Tech and sponsored by PMI Nutritional Additives demonstrated the beneficial effect of a commercial supplement FortiShell® on the breaking strength of eggs from cage-housed W-36 hens. FortiShell® comprises bioavailable minerals, vitamins and medium-chain fatty acids developed by PMI Nutritional Additives, a subsidiary of Land O' Lakes.

The supplement was included in diets commencing 46, 54 or 58 weeks of age. Non-supplemented hens served as controls.

Fort1Shell® supplementation was associated with higher hen-housed egg production (77.8 v. 74.6 percent). Egg weights of hens were larger in the group receiving FortiShell® supplement commencing at 54 weeks compared to the controls and when the supplement was initiated at 58 weeks. The significant finding was an improvement in egg-shell breaking strength. This parameter increased by 5.6 percent in the supplemented hens for all ages. It was demonstrated that the earlier FortiShell® supplementation commenced, the greater the benefits.